Innovation and Company R&D

We make our knowledge in innovation available to our clients to guide them in obtaining new products and services, the development of new processes or the creation of significant improvements in their existing products or processes.

We offer consultancy and guidance services in Innovation and R&D of different nature. Our services are based on a focus on systematic innovation: we believe that to innovate it is important to carry out a systematic and planned reflection, generation and evaluation process of new ideas.

In addition, Innopro offers companies a broad and detailed knowledge and connection with the Catalan and European R&D system, which enables the establishment of open innovation strategies through which companies and knowledge institutions collaborate to create joint value.

Products and services portfolio:

  • R&D roadmaps (technology-innovation-market)
  • Innovation strategy
  • Systematic innovation processes
  • Innovation project management
  • Technology transfer
  • Project funding
  • Tax relief
  • Creativity and generation of innovative ideas
Miquel BarcelóInnovation and Company R&D