Research, development and transfer

An institution that excels in technology transfer (research centers, technology centers or universities) is a place where research, development and application ideas emerge frequently and where they are heard and developed in an optimal manner.

To maximize their impact, it is important to build ties with local and international companies and to facilitate joint research opportunities and solutions, particularly in programs specifically addressed to SMEs and public services (health, Smart Cities, education, among others.)

Innopro Consulting has the knowledge and experience to help R&D institutions in the execution of strategic projects to improve technology transfer and the economic and social impact of research.

Products and services portfolio :

  • Diagnosis and analysis of the management, strategy and technology transfer
  • Design of new units and institutions of knowledge or technology transfer
  • Strategic plans for R&D institutions
  • Management and continuous improvement models
  • Actions plans for the improvement of technology transfer towards companies
  • Mapping and revitalization of innovative ecosystems
  • Identification of knowledge-business opportunity niches
  • International benchmarking and best practices proposal for TT
Miquel BarcelóResearch, development and transfer