Singular projects

According to the Complex Project Management model, Innopro has designed, launched and managed singular projects, which go over the scope of a company or institution and are situated in the vertex between the public and private areas.

The success of a new project depends on many factors: the great idea that lights up the process, the leader, the team, etc. What conditions in a decisive way the achievement of a project is how it is approached, that is to say, its management, the execution capacity by the team that leads it. Projects that fail do so mainly because they are not implemented correctly because the managers are not capable of inserting the human effort in an effective manner. Focusing in the “how” is important because what goes beyond the “what” and the great ideas is the management. A bad strategy with a good execution can ultimately be better than a poorly executed good strategy. This is so simply because if a bad strategy integrates change management and adaptation to the environment, then it will follow a continuous learning process, which will reorient it until it finds the correct business model.

To help set a work framework, a methodology (summarized in the next diagram) is proposed: the Complex Project Management model:

In this model, five aspects are recognized, which structure the 10 key factors in the CPM: the central aspect, the model, which is a factor and an aspect at the same time, and four aspects that pivot around this core.

List of products and services:

  • Creation and definition of the model and objectives of the project
  • Definition of the innovation model and management instruments
  • Identification and management of the surroundings and alliances
  • Marketing and communication planning and support
  • Outsourcing of the management, leadership, actions and activities
  • Support, tempo management and decision-making support
Miquel BarcelóSingular projects