Strategy and Economic promotion

In a globalized and fast- changing environment, regions and cities compete at a global level. Because of this, in order to position themselves and accelerate in an economy based on knowledge, talent and investment, cities and regions must define a strategy and a common project to become more attractive, rich, cohesive and sustainable in its economy and environment.

Innopro’s team has extensive and intense experience in the analysis, design and implementation of  regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialization.

Innopro designs and participates in an important number of territorial, urban, university, and research center projects in the definition of specialization strategies and the optimization of the use of European funds.

Products and services portfolio:

  • Territorial analysis and search for growth and specialization opportunities
  • Urban, territorial, provincial and regional strategic plans
  • Economic promotion agency design and master plans
  • Positioning and investment attraction plans
  • Analysis and planning in the areas of training and employment
  • Support in the promotion strategy and execution of actions and projects
  • Mentoring and support in decision-making
Miquel BarcelóStrategy and Economic promotion