Urban and territorial innovation

Generating and revitalizing economic activity and innovation in cities and territories is one of the key challenges of city councils and regional public administrations. With or without a physical transformation component (urban reform, construction) acting in a territory to foster innovation and growth of the agents requires a methodology and complex, strict and long-term planning.

Cities have the opportunity to create areas that concentrate scientific and business talent in an urban and vital environment. A continuous dialogue between residential, cultural, economic and science and technology activities is the base of the Innovative Urban Areas (UIA) model.

Innopro’s flexible and Innovative model for Urban Areas

Innopro’s flexible and Innovative model for Urban Areas

This vision and methodology are perfectly complemented with the RIS3 model (regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialization), on which Innopro is an expert. Therefore, at a strategic level, it is imperative to base the development of IUA in powerful regional and urban strategies, which build upon:

  • The existing industrial network and socioeconomic and cultural values of the city and the region
  • Global market technologies and trends
  • The potential of new areas of activity in the interface of the existing global values and trends

Products and services portfolio :

  • Urban and real estate planning
  • Attraction, creation and development of activities at a company and science and technology institutional level
  • Design and revitalization of the innovative ecosystem
  • Governance and execution
  • Marketing and investment attraction
  • Management of economic activity areas and transformation of industrial parks
  • Feasibility studies
  • Urban and regional specialization
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Institutional consensus and city pacts
  • Monitoring, follow-up and evaluation
Miquel BarcelóUrban and territorial innovation