Cristina Bernal Aparicio

Cristina Bernal Aparicio is, nowadays, studying the third year in Economics in Pompeu Fabra’s University (UPF) in Barcelona. At the same time, she has studied a practical course about the Stock Exchange and economic international analysis in Barcelona’s Stock Exchange. In 2016-2017 she will study another course about environmental advice.

She started working with Innopro Consulting as a junior analyst in May 2016.  Once she started working with us, she has been participating actively in Catalonia’s territorial projects related with RIS3 (PECT projects and FEDER 4 & 6 objectives). Moreover, she has worked in international projects about Peru, where she had to make economic studies particularly about Paita region, with the aim of attracting investment to reactivate economically the zone studied in the project, Zed Paita.

Miquel BarcelóCristina Bernal Aparicio